Every Pet Deserves Celebrity Care

Styling Pets Since 1998

Every Pet Deserves Celebrity Care

Styling Pets Since 1998

Your Source for Exceptional Dog and Cat Grooming Services


Welcome to Our Salon

The Best Dog Grooming in Scottsdale. Based out of Scottsdale, AZ, Ivan Lugo has been styling pets since 1998. His company, Lugari Pet Salon, has been open for business since August 2017.

  • Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming
  • Pet Events - Parties and Workshops
  • Dog Day Care / Socialization

What We Do

Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming

Haircut and Styling

Clipping Fur, Cutting Hair, and Styling in our Lugari or Japanese style

Hair Color, Mani , and Pedi

Hair Coloring, Manicure, Pedicure , and Nail Polish for Your Cat or Dog

Bath and Brush

Bathing, Brushing, Combing, and Styling Your Pet


Seasoned and Skilled Staff

Our Mission

Delivering the Best Pet Care

Ivan has worked in many of Arizona's top grooming locations and has seen how dogs are treated. He decided to open his own salon to give them the quality care they need.

Our primary mission is to foster a better relationship between dog and owner -- to create better communication regarding the pet's needs. If Ivan notices an issue, it will be brought to the owner's attention.